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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do you need to become a barista in Singapore?

Thinking of a career as a barista? You can start by attending barista workshops in Singapore to gain basic coffee knowledge and discover the origins of coffee beans, brewing techniques, and what it takes to make the perfect espresso.

Having championed specialty coffee in Asia, our Coffee Academy is the perfect place to learn the basics of being a barista. We provide in-depth training programs to both our wholesale clients and the public. Our curriculum ranges from fundamental barista skills to latte art techniques and sensory appreciation, but overall, we like to believe that we teach all walks of life how to appreciate and best work with specialty coffee.

Join our barista classes today and take the first step on your journey to becoming a barista in Singapore.

What’s the secret to creating great coffee latte art?

Pouring great latte art requires you to reverse engineer the process and understand the mechanics behind the design itself — Pouring Height, Positioning, Flow Rate and Control. There are three basic latte art designs: the Heart, Tulip, and Rosetta, each of which demands a different set of pouring techniques.

We would suggest first joining us for a Fundamental Barista Skills class at our Coffee Academy, then joining a Latte Art session to learn more. Sign up for our barista courses today and learn everything you need to begin your journey to becoming a coffee barista.

What barista classes do you recommend for home espresso machine owners?

We recommend joining our Essential Coffee Knowledge and Fundamental Barista Skills classes. These two barista courses are the ideal way to get hands-on practical instruction and learn the basics of extractions, milk texturing, and fundamental knowledge from sourcing to brewing, no matter your current skill level.

Our barista workshops provide a well-rounded curriculum that goes beyond basic coffee preparation. You’ll learn everything from beans to cup from our friendly experts, with opportunities to train on professional café-grade espresso machines for Singapore's ultimate barista course experience.

Our Coffee Academy currently offers the following courses:

  • Essential Coffee Knowledge
  • Sensory: Tasting Specialty Coffee
  • Fundamental Barista Skills
  • Fundamentals of Latte Art
  • Advanced Latte Art
  • Fundamentals of Pour-Over Brewing
  • How much is a coffee barista course in Singapore?

    The overall costs will depend on how many courses you want to take. The price for entry-level barista courses may vary, typically ranging between $50 to $400. As you progress to intermediate and advanced classes, the cost can exceed $1300.

    Lucky for you, Common Man Coffee Academy helps you save with tailored barista course bundles! You can take two basic classes at a discounted price. Currently, we offer these two bundles:

  • Bundle: Essential Coffee Knowledge + Fundamental Barista Skills at $200
  • Bundle: Essential Coffee Knowledge + Sensory: Tasting Specialty Coffee at $220