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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your beans sourced, and where is your coffee roasted?

Our specialty-grade Arabica coffee is sourced from across the globe by a dedicated team of Green Bean Buyers. With a focus on maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with the suppliers and communities in our growing regions, we consistently collaborate to offer our customers greater traceability and transparency along with the highest quality, sustainably sourced beans. Once sourced, our coffee is roasted in our hygienic, top-quality facility in Sembawang, Singapore, where our roasters test every batch to ensure the unique tasting notes and nuanced undertones shine through.

Do you offer training for coffee making?

Yes, we do. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced barista hoping to elevate your latte art skills, we offer basic and advanced training courses led by our in-house experts. From mastering the art of milk frothing and sensory appreciation to understanding how coffee is grown and processed to deliver diverse and complex flavours, our comprehensive technical courses provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to perfect the art of coffee making.

Do you offer decaf coffee beans?

Yes, we proudly offer decaffeinated coffee beans sourced from our esteemed partners in Risaralda, Colombia. Our decaf options bring you the same decadent flavours and robust characteristics of our single-origin coffee, now without caffeine.

What method is used to decaffeinate your coffee?

We utilise an advanced method known as ‘caffeine stripping’. This process involves a natural and organic compound called Ethyl Acetate, which gently extracts the caffeine from the beans. Our supply of Ethyl Acetate is sourced from the sugar cane industry near Palmira, Colombia.

What is the best way to store your coffee beans and blends?

Roasted coffee beans have a shelf life; that's why we label all our coffee bags with their roast date so you can easily identify the products' freshness. When should you look to buy and finish your coffee? Buy it as freshly roasted as possible and look to use it all within 21 days after the printed roast date for maximum enjoyment. The ideal ‘peak’ of flavour is usually found between days 7 and 21 after roast, which is the standard served at most of the great cafes you visit.

Store your coffee beans in an air-tight container to shield them against oxygen exposure and maintain optimal freshness. It’s also essential to keep your beans away from moisture and direct sunlight, as these elements can expedite the ageing process and diminish the brew’s rich tasting notes.

Do you add flavours when roasting coffee?

Coffee beans, having come from a fruit, will inherently develop various aromas, flavours, and textures depending on the farm's terroir, the processing method used, and its roast level. No additional flavourings are needed! The right degree of roast will elevate the coffee's original characteristics and preserve valuable qualities like aromatics, acidity, sweetness, and overall complexity.