Of innovative coffee brews and mind-blowing concoctions crafted by our talented barista team.

Signature Blend Series, $7

Passion For Martin

Redefining your love for coffee, we're excited to launch a series of 4 extraordinary drinks, each a homage to our core coffee blends. This month, a tropical concoction anchored by our beloved 22 Martin blend. Dreamt up by Leo, head barista at our Quayside Isle outpost. Every sip reveals layer upon layer of flavours, from the zing of passionfruit to a cheeky note of pineapple, and finishes off with a lingering chocolatey aftertaste from a cold brewed 22 Martin.

Nitro Iced Tea, $7


A true revelation, crafted with Herb Garden Tea from Ripple Effect Tea. This refreshing concoction captures a perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, floral and citrus notes, complemented by a fusion of blood orange puree and a good dose of coconut juice for that sweetness shine through.