Our Regional Coffees represent what we believe to be great expressions of the qualities and flavours associated with the Single Origin Coffee's local growing environment, the processing methods used and the commitment to quality of our producing partners.

Regional Coffee, $7.50

Lucero Anayeli, Peru

El Diamante, one of the closest coffee-producing areas to Jaen, has a significant cooperative presence, especially in the lower elevations. The area's protected forests are home to diverse flora and fauna, while water sources are abundant and biodiversity contributes to the richness and health of the soils. In this cup, we taste Apricot, Peach, Blackberry.

Regional Coffee, $7.50

Pu’er, Yunnan

Since arriving in Puer in 2013, Torch Coffee has been constantly experimenting in the processing of coffee cherry, striving to explore the potential of the Catimor varietal with the aim of changing the market's perception of this variety. This coffee exudes a rich fruity flavour with a strong winey character. In this cup, we taste Ripe Pineapple, Rum, Cacao Nibs.

Our UnCommon Coffees take things a step further, exploring unique varietals, experimental processing methods and high scoring micro-lot coffees with the aim of introducing new ways of experiencing coffee and satisfying the adventurous among us.

UnCommon Coffee, $8.50

Rafael Vinhal, Brazil

We are excited to share the fruit of their labour, and one can expect a complex and intriguing cup profile, with hints of floral and notes of sweetness; a tantalising flavour experience that is sure to challenge one’s impression of conventional tasting notes of a coffee from Brazil. In this cup, we taste rose syrup, coconut, and stewed fruit.

UnCommon Coffee, $8.50

Sitio Bela Vista, Brazil

Nestled within the region of Minas Gerais, the enchanting farm of Sítio Bela Vista embraces its role in Brazil's rich coffee heritage. Campo das Vertentes, with its sprawling high plateaus and gentle slopes, provides an idyllic setting for mechanised processes. In this cup, we taste Peach, Grape, Brown Sugar.